Passage to the Lake 2021

Design Academy Eindhoven,
Graduation project 2021

    Standing in front of a lake calms the mind. That’s why Moonseop Seo wanted to take the lake home. But the moment he placed the glass of lake water he had collected on the table the magic was gone. Moonseop wants to pay tribute to the living water and use the potential of it in the urban environment by creating a spatial experience where people can enjoy a moment of relaxation. Look at how a drop of water falls into a puddle and comes to life again. Experience the relaxing rhythm of the water in the middle of the city’s hubbub.


“Standing in front of a lake makes me calm.
I could stare at it for hours.
I wanted to take the lake home with me.
So I took a glass of lake and brought it home.
With excitment, I placed the cup on my table.

The moment it was on the table,
It was dead.

I go back to the lake and sit closer.
Instead of trying to bring the lake home,
I create a small passage.
Whenever I am overwhelmed by the pace of the urban life,
I walk through the passage.
Standing in front of the passage to the lake makes me calm.”